Our Story

Our Story

How did we get to where we are today?

I believe everyone has their unique gifts. Some discover these earlier than others but I truly believe we all have something that we love and are passionate about.

I once read a self development book that said whatever you really enjoyed doing between the ages of 7-14 is a true indication of your hearts desire and what you should be doing now.

This for me was everything hair and makeup.

I had my first fulltime job as a hairdressing apprentice at 15. After 4 years, completed my apprentiship and then went on to purchase my first hairdressing salon at 19, and not long after a diploma in makeup application. To this day twenty plus years later I am still self-employed, and I honestly still love what I do.

So why an online store? Why your own brand? Aren't you busy enough? I have people look at me like I'm completely mad. And yes, working 6 days most weeks and being a mum I am quite busy. When covid shut us down at the beginning of 2020 it really had me having to think outside the box. So, I guess it was time to completely step out of my comfort zone, keep up with the modern world and launch an online store.

This also led me to start developing my own line of products. Products I am completely in love with, that I can hand on heart recommend.

The Chantal Hart Range is continuing to grow rapidly. We currently have an extremely popular tanning mousse and 2023 will see the launch of our new cosmetics line.

We have so many amazing products in our new range. We will keep striving to produce products suitable for all skin types, and of the highest quality.

We can't wait for you to try!



Chan. x



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