Chantal Hart - The Brand

So many people often question me as to what inspired me to launch my own range of products.

And the answer.. Why not? It's really hard finding a range where you hand on heart love the whole product line. And from a retailers point of view, I can't sell products I don't believe in, or that I wouldn't use myself.

So that lead me to source and develop products I am proud to attach my name to. It has been far from easy. But what we have launched so far has been beyond successful. Our Luxury Lip Glaze sold out in two colours in the first week of hitting the shelves and our Organic Tanning Mousse has been by far our number one selling product.

So why would you buy Chantal Hart over other massive multi-million dollar companies with a zillion instagram followers? A brand that no-one knows about, that's not on the shelf at Mecca...yet...or that you don't see in any major department stores??

Because I am just like you!

I'm a friend, a Sister, a Mum, a Daughter, an Aunty. I'm self-employed mum-boss of two beautiful girls, and when I'm not working fulltime as a hairstylist and makeup artist, I am in the office, researching, testing products, finding suppliers, marketing and working my butt off. 

My goal is to only ever put the very best products on the shelf. Things that I love, I have tested over and over and I am proud to sell to my clients and my friends.

With more exciting products now in the pipeline we are proud to announce our brand will be growing even further in 2023 with more cosmetic products to hit the shelves.

 We are beyond grateful for all the overwhelming support so far and we will strive to keep delivering only the best. We are also now offering FREE VIRTUAL CONSULTS to help you choose all the correct products to achieve your hair and makeup goals.

We would LOVE to hear from you!

 Chan x




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