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Tanning Novice or Tanning Goddess?

Everything you need to know about self-tanning.

Ok people the lowdown on self tanning. You've never self tanned before you say? Too scared you're going to turn out looking like Donald Trumps love child? Fear not, here are some basic tips to help you through your tanning experience.
STEP ONE - Find the correct product.
This can be a little overwhelming at times as there is currently so much on the market. If it's your first time I would recommend something lighter in colour. This can always be built up. If you make the mistake of going to hard too'll freak yourself step away from the Ultra Dark people. I also prefer a mousse. This is so forgiving and easy to apply. My motto is always less is more. You want a natural glow and you want to get familiar with the product before you get too carried away.
For those tanners who think more is more and the darker the better, go easy looks ridiculous, sorry,  but you needed to be told.
STEP TWO - Shave and Exfoliate
This is pretty self explanitory...Shower, shave, exfoliate.
This especially applies to those regular weekly tanners. To ensure you get the best results possible, last weeks old tan must be removed first.
STEP THREE - Good lighting
Make sure you're applying in good lighting so you can clearly see where you have been. Nothing worse than finishing your tan, getting dressed and realising you've missed a patch behind your knee.
Use a tanning mitt, apply everywhere in circular motions...a little like washing the car..(so I tell my kids anyway when they are doing my back lol)
Avoid going to hard out around the hands, wrists, ankles and feet. These are all areas that grab and take quickly. I like to use left over that is already on the mitt to do these areas. This also applies to the face. Less is more.
STEP FOUR - Post tan clothing
Dress wearing loose fitting clothes, preferably a loose frock with no bra.
And don't get wet or sweat for the recommended processing time.
STEP FIVE - Yeeeeww!!!
Rinse off and hawt damn you have a beautiful natural looking tan. Keep it well moisturised and it can last up to two weeks!!
Your Welcome
Chan x


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