Purple Shampoo...Do I really need it?!?

Ok this is for all you blonde or grey babes out there! The lowdown on Purple/Blonde/Silver Shampoos and Conditioners.

Do you really need it???

Absolutely! This is not another up sell in the salon. Blonde shampoo is specifically designed to cut Brass and gold tones from your hair. With consistant use it neutralises these tones keeping your hair a cleaner blonde for longer. I have so many clients return to me much sooner if they are not using blonde shampoo for a 'freshen up' this is because their colour goes brassy so much quicker than those who regularly use the product. 

So the question is often "How often do I use it?" The answer depends on the colour of your hair. If you hair has quite strong yellow and brassy orange tones I would suggest every single wash until this is under control. If you're happy with your colour and you just want to maintain, perhaps only once a week. You know if you are starting to look grey or purple it's time to step away from the bottle for a few washes..

Some of my favourites are the Silvershine and Silvershine light from Milkshake. These are highly pigmented and will definitely held rid you of those unwanted brassy tones. 


If you are already super blonde and have trouble with over-toning I recommend the Organic Chantal Hart Blonde Shampoo. This is super gentle and you wont run the risk of having lilac tones through your hair.


 So if you are blonde and don't already use some... do yourself a favour. GAMECHANGER.


Please don't be a stranger if you have any questions!

We would love to hear from you!

Chan x

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