Happy Customers

Chantal Hart Lip Glaze 

 "Did not dissapoint. Lips are hydrated with NO sticky residue. Natural Goddess is a great neutral shade that goes with everything. Absolutely love the mirror and light! What a game changer!"



Chantal Hart Blonde Shampoo 

"The primary purpose of a purple shampoo is too knock out brassiness and this purple shampoo does just that without over toning!. I love the clean and bright blonde this Shampoo gives me and as a bonus it smells amazing!"

- Kimberley


Chantal Hart Tanning Mousse

 "I used the tan last night! LOVED it! Being very fair skinned I washed it off after 1 hour, perfect colour and not orange. It also does't have an overpowering smell like other tanning products. Very natural glow"



Chantal Hart Lip Glaze 

 " This lipglaze is a gamechanger! High quality product and sensational shades to choose from. Very Impressive feature with the mirror and light! Every woman on the go needs this in their life!!!"

- Kaitlin


Chantal Hart Kids 2 in 1

"I purchased this product for my 4yr old girl and 9yr old boy. I am so impressed with this product! You require only the smallest amount, 1/4 of a pump if that and it gets their hair beautifully clean, soft and shiny. The smell is amazing and lasts for days. I even gave it a try myself a needed less than half a pump. My hair was so soft and shiny and seemed easier to style once dry! I would highly recommend this for the whole family! For the tiny amount needed it is truly worth the money!" 

- Jodie


Chantal Hart Blonde Shampoo 

 "The best purple shampoo I have used! It really highlights my colour without overtoning!"

- Jacinta


Chantal Hart Blonde Conditioner

" LOVE your Conditioner! It actually spreads across my hair toning it and leaving a super silky finish!So glad I bought your products!"

- Cheyenne


Chantal Hart Lip Glaze

"Wow! Where do I start? It's compact, hydrating, so many colours to choose from, it's the lip gloss that just keeps giving! Not to mention the mirror and light!!!! An absolute MUST!!

- Chelsea