Soooo what brought us to where we are today....

I believe everyone has their unique gifts. Some discover these earlier than others but I truly believe we all have something that we love and are passionate about.

I once read a self development book that said whatever you really enjoyed doing between the ages of 7-14 is a true indication of your hearts desire and what you should be doing now.

For me, I would love dressing up my best friend, doing her hair and makeup and doing 'fashion parades'. Much to her disgust as she would 100% prefer kicking the soccor ball around or climbing a tree but she always gave in to me.

We went through many outfits, some god awful hairstyles and many weird and wonderful makeup looks. She thought it was torture but I bloody loved it. This went on for many years, then by 15 I had a hairdressing apprentiship, bought my first business at 18, not long after completed a makeup diploma, and to this day twenty plus years later still self-employed and I honestly still love what I do.

So why an online store? Aren't you busy enough? I have people look at me like I'm a complete nut job. And yes, a single parent with two beautiful daughters,  a house, business and working 6 days most weeks I am quite busy. When covid shut us down at the beginning of 2020 it really had me concerned. I had a house and two children to think of. So I guess it was time to completely step out of my comfort zone, keep up with society and launch my online store. Why the hell not...when life gives ya lemons...make lemonade...right? 

This was foreign to me... I am a complete retard when it comes to anything tech but I have been persistant in learning and growing.  I have made countless mistakes and no doubt will continue to do so. But I will not give up.

The website has certainly come along way since first launched and no doubt keep evolving the more I learn.

My goal is to share my knowledge and help people choose the correct product. This is so important as a hairstylist and artist. I don't want people to be scared to reach out and ask me questions and we can have a chat about their hair and makeup goals. I am here to help you guys.

The world is nuts. We need each other more than ever and need to look out for each other. And if I can help you purchase something you will love and it makes you feel good about yourself, my job is done. 


I certainly don't know everything and don't claim too. But I will share what I do know.

Chan. x