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Nitty Gritty of Nits

Well...most of us have either been here ourselves or been through it with our children...Tiny wingless critters that live in the hair where they feed on blood by biting the skin. Yep....tiny sesame seed size vampires. NITS.

If a note comes home from school or you have been in contact with someone who has them or your head is just crazy you think about checking over the family.

You can see them if you look closely at your head and scalp. Nits are tiny little insects commonly found behind the ears and the nape of the head as this is the warmest. But they are not too fussy and will also move on to other parts of the scalp. 

Nit eggs look like tiny white dots attached firmly to the hair. Make sure you are in super good lighting as these can be very hard to spot. They cannot be brushed or flicked off the hair, but must be physically removed with fingers or fingernails or special nit combs.

Everyones' hair in the family will need to be treated. And a follow up treatment in five to seven days. It is VERY IMPORTANT and I can't stress this enough that ALL the eggs are removed as they will re-hatch and you will be back where you started. As I said, They CANNOT be combed out!!! THEY MUST BE REMOVED WITH FINGERS OR FINGERNAILS!! The lice comb will only remove so much.

Once the Lice themselves are removed, for the best egg removal strategy start at the nape of the head with and work your way up in tiny sections. And even if you think you have got all the eggs. DO THE  FOLLOW UP TREATMENT in a week.

Or they'll be back....

No need really to wash everything lice need warmth and blood to survive so they do not live for long on furniture, hats, bedding, carpet or anywhere else in the environment. But if it gives you peace of mind...go for it.

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