5 Makeup Tips that will make you look younger

5 Makeup Tips that will make you look younger

Here are 5 of my best tips after being in the makeup biz for over 15 years.


#1 Skin Prep is key - Want a nice youthful glow? Easy, your face is like a canvas. In order for a nice painting you need a well primed undercoat. This means starting with a clean fresh face. If it's dry, hydrate it well with a good moisturiser, and if you have oily skin and open pores, use a pore minimiser or primer specifically for oily skin prior to make application. Trust me, it shows in the end result.

#2 - Less foundation is best -  If I had a dollar for every time I have heard a mother of the bride or grandmother say.. "You'll need a truck load of makeup for this face luv!". When in fact, it's quite the opposite. More makeup isn't always 'more'. As we age less is definitely best. Foundations and Powders tend to sit and settle into facial lines which actually ages us more. The key is to hydrate the skin and even out the skin tone with as minimal amount of foundation as possible especially around the eye area. If you have any imperfections such as age spots or melasma then use a bit of extra coverage or concealer on these areas only. 

#3 - Don't over arch your brows - Do you ever see children with over arched eyebrows?? No, so if you want a more youthful appearance, go with a straighter brow that looks as natural as possible. Over arched and over plucked brows will instantly age you. Also don't go too crazy dark on the tinting or brow lamination. It looks ridiculous.

#4 - Stay away from darker colours around the eyes - The less is best rule applies here. Unless you absolutely know what you're doing steer away from dark liners and shadows around the eye area. Use a soft brown liner if you really need to and very minimal shadows.

#5 - Don't forget the blush! - I see so many people who don't use blush in their daily makeup routine! This is one of the simplest things that can take years off and give you an instantly hydrated and youthful appearence. Apply a nice pink or peach to the apples of the cheeks and work slightly upwards towards the cheekbones. Gamechanger!! Click here to see one of my go to fav blushes.

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